Hold my hand June 08 2020, 0 Comments

Personally, the best moments are those when I unearth deep acceptance of change.   Those moments allow hope to arise from a simple appreciation and love for my fellow man.  I will continue to serve my community by opening my heart as wide as it will go in everything I do.  I joyfully reject the outwardly imposed constraints of being a ‘realist’.  When I am alone and in touch with my purest thoughts and aspirations,  I have always felt accompaniment.  That is my most prized experience.  So palpable to me, but impossible to share.   I am bound by some inner spiritual life form that  insists I help humanity.  I can easily spiral toward a vision of spreading peace.  Thinking about things that are difficult or painful never frees me from the pain.  Relief and insight comes only through outreach to friends and those who offer compassionate listening.   It seems that the only way to survive in this storm is to offer what I can that is born from love, not fear, not regret, not projecting ‘what ifs’.   And that’s profoundly hard when people are dying.  But love is more urgently required than ever.   Love must not become irrelevant.  Unrealistic as it may sound love is the answer...and the only way to feel love is to get still, and go within any way you can.  With all my heart, I know the possibility of peace can only exist from knowing ourselves at our very depth.   If I don’t know peace, I  can’t be an agent of peace.  If any of us -individually or en mass- are  going to move the needle - there’s gotta be a whole lotta love underneath the righteous anger and activism.  I know that’s the only way forward for me.  Nothing makes ‘sense’ beyond that very next possible step.    One.  Single.  Step.  Only there can any clarity be found.  Beyond that is the dust storm.  Perhaps others have a  truly clear sense of forward movement.  I have not met that person yet.  But I must believe in the light ‘ahead’ even through the blinding dust.  Hold my hand and we are not alone.