"Bone Bop" Diptych Acrylic on canvas by Susan Zoon. 12”x36”

$ 400.00

"As a narrative painter, my goal has been to create a bridge between abstract and representational art so that the resultant painting is emotionally accessible, once engaged by their beauty, one can easily contemplate the message. I will continue to experiment, striving to illuminate, stimulate and satisfy an audience seeking substance and intellect in art."

Susan Zoon 

Susan Zoon's inspiration comes from studying abroad in Mexico. It was being submerged in Mexico's art and heritage that sparked the flame in the art she so passionately creates today. Her bold paintings capture Mexican culture incorporating Day of the Dead, and politics, yet also bring a playfulness and celebration of life. Susan describes her work as "deconstructed cubism with a feminine curvilinear line." She paints layers upon layers creating depth and intricacy. Susan strives to expand cubism and experiment with style and color. Her pieces are like no other and would look beautiful in any space.