Planting Seeds of Hope

Shifting gears to a virtual platform from brick and mortar after 30 years is quite a journey.  We’ve developed lifelong friendships with people all around the world and will miss seeing so many friends as we transition to this new reality .   However, the joy in connecting over meaningful conversations, sharing stories, and learning from one another must never end.  We aspire to make our virtual relationships with the online community as enriching as the special relationships we've forged since 1990 at our brick and mortar in Katonah, New York.  Now, the gallery is closing but there is much nervous excitement as we find our way into greater outreach and community service by making this website a vibrant and interesting platform of art, healing and social change.  We will continue supporting the artists we know and love by encouraging people to buy things they feel good about, knowing they are made by the hands of gifted, loving people.  Our commitment to quality and customer service will never change.  Nor will our dedication to social and environmental justice.  We are a human family and we are dedicated to the success of everyone.

With great love, we are at your service.