Oil painting on canvas "Voyage" by Mireille Duchesne

$ 3,900.00

Transcendent and deeply soothing, this truly exquisite painting carries the viewer into it's watery depths with brilliantly layered color.  The forms are elusive, yet magically recognizable as master painter Mireille Duchesne achieves a sublime abstraction that few traditionally trained painters can.  36" x 36" deep profile canvas with painted edges.

"I had to leave the Peace, harmony and Serenity of classical painting to enter this new world of the unknown, of multi dimension, of fragmentation....it is scary and very exciting at the same time. The use of palette knives, bold colors and brush strokes allow me to express with more energy the multiple faces of reality.  Forms are emerging from my subconscious impulse rather than deliberate intent.  My goal is to capture the emotional interplay of what is and what is hidden."