Spalted Maple Bowls by Spencer Peterman

$ 222.75

All of Spencer's bowls are food-safe. They are dried down to 6% moisture. They are treated with bees wax and mineral oil for food safety and to keep the wood from drying out.
It is hard to determine how long it takes to make a bowl. After getting the logs, which is a workout in itself, the logs have to be cut into 2 foot lengths and the lathe cuts out a set of bowls from 9 inches to 21 inches. From there they are taken from the mill to the shop where all the fine sanding and finishing work Is done.                                                                     Each spalted maple bowl is a unique individual meant to be cherished and used for generations. Whether for salad or the sheer pleasure in owning one to look at, these are treasures of nature.

Ships in 6-8 days